Monday, 9 July 2012

insomnia (2002) - christopher nolan

A couple of LA cops are sent to Alaska to solve the murder of a 17 year old schoolgirl. Along the way, Will Dormar, the senior cop who is under investigation in LA (Al Pacino), manages to shoot his younger partner while chasing Water Finch, the suspected killer (Robin Williams). Dormar can't sleep due to the perpetual sunlight (hence the 'Insomnia' title), he then gets involved with the killer, and he also tries to cover up the shooting (which Finch had seen). Ellie Burr (Hilary Swank), a younger Alaskan copper who worships Dormar, has to investigate the shooting, and starts getting suspicious about what took place.
The film was alright l suppose, Pacino and Williams were both good, but there were parts of the plot that just seemed unbelievable, mainly in the way Dormar behaved, sleep deprivation or not. Not one of Pacino's best, but the scenery looked fantastically mind blowing when they were flying to Alaska.

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