Wednesday, 18 July 2012

his name is luka (he eats people on the second floor)

This young gentleman is called Luka Rocco Magnotta (aged 29). He looks nice enough, but is being charged in Canada with stabbing to death Lin Jun, a Chinese student. He is also being charged with dismembering the body, eating some of it, defiling it, posting the limbs to schools and government offices, dumping the torso behind his apartment, and posting a video of most of it online. Oh, I nearly forgot, the head was dumped elsewhere and found by a lake in Montreal.  He has previous form for posting videos of himself torturing animals. The good bit?  His lawyers had to decide if he should have a psychiatric evaluation. I'm no expert, but l would have considered that as a more than viable option as soon as the case was bought to court. I certainly wouldn't fancy sharing a cell with him.
On another note to do with the case, a Montreal teacher has been suspended for showing the video to students. Apparently the students asked to see it (I don't know their ages), but as a teacher, you would think  the requests would be ignored. Of course a team of psychologists are available in case the pupils are in shock (or to prevent the school getting sued).
It wasn't like this in my day - the tapioca pudding was the most scary think we had to face.

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