Wednesday, 18 July 2012

hans and eva rausing, and the law being equal

So, Eva Rausing's husband has been charged with delaying her funeral, after her body was discovered in their Belgravia home, with police thinking she had been dead for a week (after he was stopped driving allegedly under the influence of drink or drugs). The death is being classed as 'unexplained', as a post mortem failed to find a formal cause.  The couple were multi millionaires who donated a lot of money to drug charities, and were obviously addicted to drugs themselves.  Their addiction  and downward spiral is tragic, but it annoys me that they look to have been treated differently by the law in the past (and possibly now) because of their wealth. In 2008 Miss Rausing 'allegedly' tried to smuggle 'small amounts' of crack cocaine and heroin into the American embassy in London. Crack, heroin and (get this bit) 52 grams of cocaine were subsequently found in their home.  Now l may be an old cynic, and extremely class conscious, but the couple were given a caution, and charges dropped. Trust me, if that had been myself and the FPO, charges would not have been dropped, and l would be re-acquainted  with my old cellmate 'Bronco' in Durham nick.  Don't get me wrong, l think people should be able to do what they want as long as they don't harm anyone else, and if this couple wanted to stock up on drugs and destroy their lives, that is up to them.  What l hate is one law for the rich, and one for us poor old working class scumbags. Maybe if they had been prosecuted and made to attend drug rehabilitation courses they would both still be alive now, but possibly not, because it is difficult for most people to give up crack, as it is certainly moorish (and yes, l speak from past experience). I'm waiting now to see what he gets for the driving offences, but l'm not expecting much.
Photographs are from The Daily Mirror.

One other thing. Don't believe everything you read. According to The Daily Mirror site, the Rausing's lived in a £16m home. According to The Telegraph, it's a £70m  fortress. Everyone's got an agenda.

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