Monday, 16 July 2012

gateshead, newcastle and stormin norman whiteside

I went up here for a piss - very relaxing

The site of my meeting

The entrance to Chinatown in Newcastle - Rosie's bar is in the middle

The view from Rosie's to The Tynside Irish Centre

Stormin' Norman Whiteside

The ARC, with Norman in the background

One of my many Manchester United t shirts - featuring Norman

I had a meeting to do with work in Gateshead on Friday (which was much better than l anticipated), so afterwards, l decided to have a bit of a mooch around Newcastle, as it was finished by midday. I parked by Chinatown and went for a pint in Rosie's bar, an old favourite from years ago from the time l hung around with a predominantly gay/cross dressing crowd in Newcastle (ahh...they were the days..). While l was in there, l decided to give The Tyneside Irish Centre a go, as l had never been in there before, and thought they might have a decent pool table, seeing as they are few and far between in Newcastle. As it turned out, they didn't have one, but l had a decent (crazy) chat with a couple of the old Irish guys in there (naturally, called Paddy). I say old guys, they turned out to be my age, which was good for me, as l got a load of compliments for how well l looked (I said it was thanks to the copious amounts of drink and drugs). Actually, l probably only looked younger because they acted and dressed like old men, and you could easily imagine them being 60 or 70, and just the same. In fact they probably dressed and acted the same when they were teenagers.  A good day out for all the family, even if, yet again, l got another parking ticket. Bastards! 

On my return to Catterick, l called in at Old Joes, popped home briefly to get changed (well, a different shirt), and then the FPO dropped me off at The ARC for the 'gentlemans' evening Hammy had arranged, featuring the great (Stormin') Norman Whiteside, ex of Manchester United, Everton, and Northern Ireland (who was excellent). He spoke for a while and answered questions, and was also happy to sign stuff and have his photograph taken (which l can't work out how to get off my phone and onto the computer!).  There was also a comedian, but once Norman had finished, we buggered off to The Wine Bar and then home, tired but happy (and minus my phone, which l left in The ARC, realising just after getting in the taxi to White shops).  I telephoned Kung Fu Bez and told him it was by him, and he picked it up and took care of it for me, so at least l knew it was safe (and is now back with daddy).

I demand more days like this (but without the parking ticket).

toodle pip

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