Thursday, 19 July 2012

blackout bbc 1 series

I love Christopher Eccleston, and will watch him in just about anything (even Dr Who), so when 'Blackout', a three part series from the BBC was announced, l thought it would be right up my street.  Sadly, l was wrong. There were some good performances, and Eccleston (Daniel Demoys, a corrupt council officer) was his usual excellent self, but the storyline was unbelievable. Demoys is an alcoholic who kills a man but has only limited memory of it, due to blacking out. He then feels remorse and hate, looks for redemption, saves his sister from a shooting, and becomes mayor, due to the public 'believing' in him. Will his secret come out? Will he be corrupted as he tries to do good? Will he go back onto the sauce that he has had to quit? After the second episode, l couldn't care less, as l could not relate the story to any kind of reality l am aware of. Demoys  drives around in his big black car, parking all over the place, meeting strange people (including an ex prostitute he was seeing), but no-one really recognises or follows him, there are no press hanging about taking pictures, he's always dropping things to chase after phone calls, and no one sells a story about him. I watched the last episode with the FPO because we had been watching them together, but it was a huge disappointment script wise. If that was meant to be gritty, life like and realistic, I'm a banana.
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