Sunday, 3 June 2012

we3 - grant morrison

From 2004/2005, We3 (written by Grant Morrison) features animals trained by the military to fight wars in place of humans, drawn in a 'Western Manga' type style, which made a pleasant change from the standard comic styling that l usually read. The dog, cat and rabbit (We3) are to be destroyed after a mission, but, with some assistance, manage to escape, only for the government to try and track them down. The animals have some limited speech, look great, and the story is pretty sound, but the only problem l have with it, is l am not too keen on too many small panels over a large one, but l will let that go. I'd rather the writers and artists experimented with the story, panels and speech, as, even though some of it may annoy or frustrate me, there's a chance something spectacular and unusual might astound me. This wasn't it, but it was still a good effort.
I can also still remember when our Jacko used to attack mice like the cat in the frame above (a long time ago). That will never happen again, that's for sure.

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