Thursday, 28 June 2012

under attack from bleeding ants

When l was pottering about yesterday, l went to put some trainers on in the hallway and noticed some ants and a few flying ants. Tracing them back, l discovered a load of the little buggers in our storage space under our stairs, trying to get nests going. It's a good job l spotted them when l did, as there would have been flying ants all over the place, but l seem to have more or less sorted them out (I hope). The worst part was having to move all of our crap in the hallway to even get under the stairs to spray them, there were shoes, coats and clothes everywhere. So far, l've used Mr Muscle, flea killer and spray adhesive. It'll be bleach next, and ant powder if more appear.
There is still the odd one trying to escape and struggle for life, so l haven't put stuff back yet, but methinks the end is near (famous last words).
Watch this space.

toodle pip

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