Sunday, 24 June 2012

telstar : the joe meek story (2009) - nick moran

This was a bit of a strange film, by anybodies reckoning.
'Telstar : The Joe Meek Story' is naturally enough, a tale of  the troubles life and sudden end of Joe Meek, a misunderstood, gay (when it was still illegal), tempestuous and paranoid music producer, concentrating on his recording and relationships at 304 Holloway Road. At first, l thought there was too much overacting and playing it for laughs, although it wasn't funny. However, as the film went on, it got darker and more believable, with some stand out performances by Con O'Neil (playing Meek) and Kevin Spacey (The Major - Meek's business partner).
I loved the fact that some of the original stars were cast alongside people playing their younger selves, and it was also a case of 'spot and name the actor', as there were plenty of  roles for people you just had to (or l did) try and place from elsewhere ('Horrible Histories', 'The Royle Family', 'Gavin and Stacey' etc).  Better than l expected by the end, but also a disappointment, due to the unsuccessful attempts at cheap laughs.
Mind you, the records still  sounded great.

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