Saturday, 2 June 2012

super (2010) - james gunn

I had never heard of Super until l stumbled across it the other day, and l must admit, l thought it would be crap. I only checked it out because Rainn Wilson (from Six Feet Under and The USA Office) was in it, but l was pleasantly surprised by the end. It wasn't crap at all, just crap for sections of it. Otherwise, there were some laugh out loud funny moments, some sad parts, but mainly, some very graphic and long lasting bouts of gratuitous violence.
Frank D'Arbo (Wilson) has his girl stolen, and after a vision, dresses up as 'The Crimson Bolt' to fight crime and win her back. In the meantime, he meets Libby (Ellen Page), a comic book attendant, who discovers his identity, and then dresses up and acts as his sidekick (as well as having sex with him). This was a bit disconcerting for me, as, although Libby says she is 22, she looks about 14. Then again, l am an old git, so everybody looks young to me nowadays.
I felt like the film wasn't sure in which direction to go in, as the violence was pretty gruesome, but in parts, it also tried to be wacky and serious. With a bit of tweaking, it could have been a lot better, but it felt like a rush job, and it was very nearly switched off after about half an hour, as it certainly didn't pull you in and get you wanting more. I'm glad l stuck it out, and it was certainly a lot better than anticipated, but poor marks all round for the lack of effort.

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