Tuesday, 26 June 2012

recent graphic novels

A prequel novel to the film, but not as good as the film (especially the Swedish one)

 Batman and the Joker - always great

Referencing 'The Wandering Jew' and a rare novel, set in London and Calcutta, this was pretty strange but pretty damn good. I'll be checking out more of Sarnath Banerjee's stuff in the future

More great Batman stuff, this time with vampires!

 They are dead - yet alive....and persecuted!!

 More Batman and Joker stuff - don't get dragged into The Joker's world...

 People close to Peter Parker die as he re-assess everything again. Not as good as the early comics.

In it's own mad world, Captain Haddock is the star for me.

All recent acquisitions from the good old library at Colburn, except for the Tin Tin book, which is mine.
What a way to spend your life. It's great.

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