Tuesday, 26 June 2012

mother night - kurt vonnegut, jr

The metafictional story of American Howard W Campbell, Jr, who is being held for trial after the Second World War for aiding the Nazis through plays and propaganda broadcasts while he stayed on in Germany during the war. Campbell was actually working as a double agent, and his broadcasts delivered secret messages to the Allies, but he cannot get the proof he needs to defend himself. He tells of his war story experiences, (intertwined with real life characters), his relocation to the USA after the war, and his love life and capture.
In the end, a letter comes, but what is it, and will he use it?
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr is one of my favourite authors, and in Mother Night he raises issues about what is good, the effects of supposedly good deeds, belief systems, and responsibility for ones own actions. Make your own mind up about the moral of the story.
A Classic.

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