Friday, 22 June 2012

in our name (2010) - brian welsh

A British soldier 'Suzy' comes back from Iraq to discover her home town is like a war zone, her partner is a 'nutter', and she keeps having flashbacks and nightmares. As she slowly cracks up, the violence escalates, the paranoia rises, and she endangers her own child. There is also a grim meeting with a Pakistani taxi driver from 'The Boro' and a childrens talk that goes a bit pearshaped. Some of 'In Our Name' was pretty believable, but parts were pretty far fetched to my jaded old peepers. Joanne Froggatt as Suzy was pretty good, as was her partner (Drew Horsley), but it's the plot l had trouble with. Would her psycho partner really be talked to by his mates the way they did, knowing he was likely to kick off every two seconds? I doubt it, and l live near, drink with, and know these kind of people only too well. At least l watched it all the way through, even enjoyed a fair bit of it, but wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it (in fact l just wouldn't - full stop).

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