Tuesday, 5 June 2012

in and out (1997) - frank oz

As myself and the FPO are still a a bit tired from the big push yesterday for Richmond Bank Holiday, we have been staying in, ignoring the street parties for Lizzie's anniversary, and either dossing about on the computer (mainly the FPO) or watching films (me).
We were certainly a bit behind with 'In and Out', as it was released in 1997, yet neither of us had seen it before. We knew that it was about English Literature teacher Howard Brackett (Kevin Kline) being outed by an old pupil at the Oscars, much to the teacher's surprise. Why? Only because he is about to get married, and says that he is a heterosexual.
Howard does then start to question his tastes and lifestyle choices, and gradually, with the help of a kiss by a gay news reporter (Tom Selleck), realises he may indeed, bat for the other side.
There's more to it than that, such as how pupils, family, and the community react to the news, but it is mainly about Kline's performance, which was brilliant.
Now l wish l hadn't left it so long to watch, and l am also a bit dubious about the FPO's comments that she can see some similarities between Howard's mannerisms and my own.
How very dare she - and she bleeding well meant it.
Fetch my divorce papers!

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