Monday, 25 June 2012

the euros - the story so far

Lots of shots of pretty ladies in the crowd

                                        Shots of pretty ladies who are scantily dressed in the crowd

Is it just me, or is Scott Parker's head too big for his body? (and he looks like a Thunderbirds puppet)

How on Earth did the Russian fans manage to get this banner past the (obviously very poor) security?

The wacky Irish fans

The kick around everyone wanted to see

This is how the footballers 'headphones constantly in place' look is going to end up.

More wacky Irish fans

Rooooooney, and all the hype about him coming back after suspension, even though he had not played well in the last two tournaments (now three)

Our likeable and heroic (definitely not racist) captain marvel - at least he will still be lifting the winners trophy (no matter which team wins)

The stupid bloody boots that so many of the overpaid, self loving, style conscious superstars are wearing

What they should be made to play in. If they were good enough for Sir Stanley Mathews etc...

What a surprise, knocked out in the quarter finals on penalties, only this time by Italy. At least it saves us the humiliation of being thrashed by the Germans again. 
Now that all the hype has died down, at least l can relax and enjoy the remaining games, plus l've got a week off to make the most of it.  Hurrah!!

toodle pip

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