Wednesday, 27 June 2012

the death of the colburn lodge

Look on and weep brothers and sisters, as it looks like The Colburn Lodge is not going to be re-opening anytime in the future. There is no concrete news on this, but it has been empty and boarded up for a while now, and the word on the street is that it will be knocked down and houses/flats built upon the land.
This used to be an iconic pub in Colburn and Catterick Garrison, passed by as you headed towards Camp Centre from the A1, and a stop off (or beginning) point before hitting the Scorpion / Staxx / Walkerville nightclub (also sadly demolished). I used to do a rock disco in there. My dad and his mates used to drink there. 60 Squadron used to be over the road and at one time it was always heaving. Numerous fights, drinks spilt, laughs a plenty and Rabbi being knocked out like Jesus on the floor (and people just stepping over him). Those were the days my friends...... It was so crazy, that Robbo got banned for being cowardly and not fighting, punters wore toilet seats around their heads, and old Joe used to draw his gun on you in the toilets.
What is the world coming to when our cultural fabric and memories are allowed to wither and die away in this fashion. I haven't even mentioned The Human Frog from Rising Damp.
All to be taken away, and certainly never repeated.

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