Wednesday, 27 June 2012

chloe smith on paxman - action starts at 6.30 aprox

Paxman is unleashed upon another MP (in this case Chloe Smith from the Treasury) who won't answer the questions put to her, probably because she did not want him to know the truth (that she was ill informed and not kept 'in the loop').
I should feel a bit sorry for her as she has obviously been put forward to take the flak instead of the odious creature that is George Gideon Osbourne, another one of the privately educated posh boys that are fucking up the country for us poor bastards, but sod her. She's a Tory and knew what she was getting into. If she doesn't like it, resign and do something else, or at least answer the questions properly, reveal how politics works behind the front it puts on, and kick up a stink to show you are against it.
Time for a revolution brothers and sisters.

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