Friday, 11 May 2012

world war 2 plane found in the desert

 This plane from World War 2 was found in the desert recently, and it is a real relic from the past. I love a bit of history (not too much, or my dicky heart might explode), but this is one magical find. It's in the desert between Libya and Egypt (not a good place to be), but is in great condition (for a 1942 Kittyhawk) , and is still pretty intact, which is very (very) rare.
If  l was loaded, l would have it shipped intact and placed in my massive museum. That would be a museum that no-one else would be granted access to (like my private pub), just for me. Maybe the FPO if l was given a written in advance (and in triplicate) warning, but a museum mainly for my own selfish gratification.
Luckily for the rest of mankind, l am not loaded.

toodle pip

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