Saturday, 5 May 2012

the super moon in march and in germany

I was thinking about the Super Moon (or, if you prefer, a Perigee-Syzygy) that happened in March, and was reminded that when l was younger, and living in Bielefeld, Germany, myself and some friends decided to camp out for the night (tent wise - not going to gay bars). At about 6am (at a guess), some of us went for a walk as we couldn't sleep. We were strolling and chatting along a wide path between some trees, when a large object appeared in the sky in front of us, with a yellowy/reddish colour. I realise now that it must have been a Super Moon, but for many years l thought l may have imagined it, as l have never seen the moon so large again. This would have been in about 1971. So, to conclude. I am not mad, l just have a crap memory (and it sure did look impressive).
By the way, that was also the same walk where l thought l saw a ghost (of my grandmother amongst some trees), but that l do think l imagined. I was probably just seeing shapes in the trees, as l was young, and would have been pretty tired. Or maybe l am mad.

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