Wednesday, 16 May 2012

red state (2011) - kevin smith

Red State is a strange film, as it purports to being a horror movie, when in fact, it is more of a high school thriller, with a load of religion (and a Waco type compound) thrown in for good measure. I usually love most films by Kevin Smith, and was reluctant to slag off the movie, but it was too long, didn't hold the suspense, and felt disjointed, as if it was two or three movies botched together.
Some high school lads decide to answer an advert offering sex, so they go to a trailer park to meet the woman. They then end up in a church, in an enclosed compound, with a charismatic (yet crazy) preacher, who certainly does not have much time for the sinful, especially those he classes as 'fags'. There's a rescue and escape attempt, and the 'rapture' at the end, but ultimately, apart from the scenes in the church, there was no heightened drama.
I did think the rapture idea was good, and Michael Parks (as Pastor Abin Cooper) was superb, but (sadly) it was a disappointment.
Saying all of that, l am still interested in seeing Vulgar (which inspired Smith), and it's scary to think that there are real versions of Pastor Abin Cooper out there.
I'm thinking mainly about Fred Phelps, and all the other narrow minded idiots at the Westboro Baptist Church, l know where l'd like to put their 'God hates Fags' signs.

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