Thursday, 31 May 2012

newcastle mayfair in 1961

One of my favourite venues for seeing bands and having a 'Rock n Roll' night out was Newcastle Mayfair, now sadly demolished to make way for the gentrification of Newcastle (like the Haymarket pub). Back in the the day l saw loads of gigs there, played loads of air guitar, and annoyed the local lasses. As it was a standing venue, you could get as close to the stage as you wanted (within reason), or just stay at one of the many bars and watch from a distance. I usually did a mixture of both
These are photos from when it opened (1961?), and the amazing thing is, it wasn't that much different when rock bands were 'kicking ass' in the 'rock n roll capital of the world'  in the 1970's.
Happy days indeed.

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