Wednesday, 30 May 2012

my wife and the shunt

Sitting on our doorstep drinking red wine the other night (classy, l know), myself and the FPO were talking about plastic tubes going into bodies, such as the ones drips can be attached to (the evenings around our way just fly by). During the course of this discussion, she mentioned they were called shunts. Now don't get me wrong, she may look like a blithering idiot, and may indeed be one, but every now and again, usually on the occasions that Manchester City win the league, she startles me with a minuscule sliver of knowledge that l don't have, and this was one of those rare occasions.  I thought she may be taking the piss at first, as l didn't realise they were known as that, and obviously l never mind her knowing something l don't, but suffice to say, once l had looked it up, l sulked from then until now.
I still can't get over it,
l'm devastated.
If we had a cat that wasn't so raggedy, l'd go and boot it over next doors fence.
It's the last time she gets some wine of mine (someone at work bought me it).

toodle pip

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