Wednesday, 16 May 2012

more babies! top talent! corfu!

As l am avoiding thinking about the football at the weekend, l have been keeping myself busy reading comics, listening to stuff, watching TV and drowning my sorrows, plus headed back to work with my tail between my legs (so to speak). The injury time goals may have been good for Ciddy and neutral fans, but they were certainly no good for my dodgy ticker, although it needs speeding up a bit.
At least l have a trip to Cofu coming up soon (with work), but as l have also been  identified as 'Top Talent', l have a trip to London and possibly extra work to be 'looking forward' to.
Also in the news, Danny and Gill have had their baby, and as everyone else seems to be having them, l am trying to persuade the FPO to get untied so we can join in.

The trouble is, it would probably come out like this.

toodle pip

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