Thursday, 3 May 2012

lemming (2005) - dominik moll

Lemming was a bit of a strange film, French and subtitled (no problem), but a bit slow and probably a bit too long. It certainly kept you guessing as to what the next turn of events would be, that's for sure. Starting off with the boss and his wife coming to tea, but then featuring a suicide, murder, sex, car crashes, hallucinations and ghostly possession. And that's without mentioning the Lemming/Lemmings. It would have been excellent if it was shorter and a bit faster paced (especially at the start), but it was still pretty interesting and certainly different (albeit with some throwbacks to Hitchcock). A pleasant surprise, as l didn't have any preconceptions or knowledge of the movie beforehand, so that was a result l was pleased with (unlike the football!).

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