Monday, 14 May 2012

civil war - mark miller

After a TV programme goes wrong and children are killed, there is a backlash against super-heroes, and calls for them to be legislated. Some of them agree to the demands, and concede that there are too many heroes and mutants running (or flying) around like vigilantes, but others do not want to be under the command of the government. They split into two factions, and go to war against each other (hence of course - 'Civil War'). Spider-man reveals his identity, and goes on the government side, but changes his mind and switches over. The writing and idea behind it is good, but l am not so keen on the modern costumes and drawings, as l prefer the old school stuff. Then again, l am a sad old git who not only reads them, but wastes his time blogging about it, so l am caught between the old and new. There were also characters involved in the fighting that l was not aware of, and it (naturally), only featured the Marvel super-heroes. Makes me pine for the old days when l knew them all (not personally you understand), and life was less complicated. Still a good read, and it will probably be a film in the future, but l hope they cut out some of the minor characters.

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