Wednesday, 23 May 2012

the bridge (bron / broen) tv series (2011)

As the FPO has been off work this week, it has given us a chance to catch up with some of the stuff on the Sky+ box, one of which has been the series 'The Bridge'. A joint Danish and Swedish production (known also as Bron and Broen), this was ten one hour episodes of pure class. A woman is found on the Oresunde    Bridge between Denmark and Sweden, and it turns out that it is two separate women, cut in half. The two police forces have to work together to try and find the killer, who then starts putting out messages on the internet, and uses a reporter to relay messages. The two people heading the investigation are the polar opposites of one another. Martin Rohde  (Kim Bodnia) is a jovial philandering man trying to unite his (current) family, while Saga Noren (Sofia Helin) is a serious straight talking woman who finds it difficult to relate socially (probably due to some aspect of Autism / Aspergers). Of course they have to learn to get along and trust each other, but there is lots more to it. Lots, lots more. Like 'The Killing', it kept the levels of suspense up all the way through, the acting and writing was great, and it had you guessing at various outcomes with each passing episode. Superb.
Next up - Borgen!

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