Tuesday, 29 May 2012

the (bleeding early) london trip for work

Well dear reader, l did it. I managed to drag myself out of bed, drove to the train station (setting off at 5.45am) and caught the early train to that there London.  I was a bit tired early on at the meeting, but perked up until the train journey home, when l could have easily fallen asleep, but, the trooper that l am, l hung on gallantly, drove back from Darlington, and was home for 8pm, in plenty of time for some chicken and a soak (and no, they are not euphemisms).

The meet was at The Holiday Inn by Kings Cross, where l discovered there were only about 100 of us staff invited (from about 7,500) and due to our splendid work, money has been put aside for our development within the organisation (whatever that will entail). At lunchtime l managed to go outside for some fresh air and have a wander round the surrounding area, as Tavistock Square was nearby (plus Kenneth Williams' childhood home/flat).  I know about the Bloomsberry group centred around the area, but it was bugging me what else l remembered Tavistock Square from, and thought it may have been the location for 'Performance', which, it turns out, was at Powis Square.  It was only when l got home and checked that l found out - it was the scene of the 7/7 bombing, when an explosive went off on a double decker bus, in the same place as the one in the photograph above, outside the British Medical Association, where there is now a small plaque (which l didn't see).
If you are wondering what the drawing is, it is a representation of my passions, drawn by someone else as an exercise during the day. I'll let you guess what they are from the artwork.
What a gay day.

toodle pip

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