Monday, 7 May 2012

better off ted - plus the veridian dynamics adverts

Myself and the FPO have just started watching series one of 'Better off Ted', and are really enjoying it. I can imagine it was probably pitched as 'Like '30 Rock' with the hard edged boss and respected colleague dynamic, PLUS an in office will they/wont they romance, PLUS the main male character looking good in a suit 'Don DraperMad Men' style, PLUS different things to test each week for slapstick humour 'Testees' style. A long pitch, l'll agree. One of the many highlights are the spoof adverts for Veridian dynamics, the company they all work for. They have certainly come up with some clever stuff, and l hope the standard stays as high, but we also expect it to improve as the characters develop and we get to know them better.
Shame it was cancelled after only two series.



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