Saturday, 7 April 2012

til, the rabbit with no ears

This is Til, a rabbit that was born in a zoo at Limbach-Oberfrohna with no ears. It looks outrageously cute and vulnerable, and the zoo publicised it's birth and played on the pity and cuteness angle to get some (probably much needed) publicity.
It was (probably - l'm guessing) named after Til Schweiger, who did the German comedy Keinohrhasen (No Ear Rabbits), which shows the Germans have a sense of humour (if my guesswork is correct).
All well and good, and nothing wrong with that at all.
One of the cameramen stood on it by mistake and killed it.
Yep, that is correct.
Just think of how much grief that cameraman will get, and how bad he will be feeling.
Poor little bunny - l bet there were millions of homes and families that would have taken him in (including ours).

toodle pip

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