Tuesday, 17 April 2012

the informers (2009) - gregor jordan

As The Informers was based on some Brett Easton Ellis short stories,  l thought it might turn out to be interesting, but l was sooooooooooooooo wrong about that.
It stood out as a bit of a stinker from the start, when there is an upmarket party full of annoying and unlikeable prats, then someone (unfortunately only one of them) gets knocked over by a car, and as they are flapping about dying, they reach up and wipe some blood on their friends face.
However...the blood wiped on the face and then shown a few seconds later are nowhere near in the same place. That is when the magical bullshit detector alarm bells went off in my head, and should really have hurled the idiot rabbit at the TV to prevent further nonesense, but l struggled valiantly on, as l was enjoying some of the music (gothy early 80's stuff), and thought it couldn't get any worse.
Then it went to a video shoot featuring a drug taking band, and l cracked and lost the will to live (and the idiot rabbit started flying towards the goggle box).
This film is is a right old turkey and no mistaking - don't waste any valuable milliseconds on it, as you will only live to regret it (if you don't kill yourself out of sheer boredom).
And if you do like it, piss off and stop reading this blog - l don't want your sort around.

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