Monday, 23 April 2012

how to write a blog rip off by the guardian

This advert was in The Observer magazine, and it is for a course run by it's sister paper 'The Guardian'.
If you want to learn how to write a blog (and use pictures as a key element!), sign up for the two days - it's a snip at £299.
I don't know who the 'Gentle' author of is, but how they will be able to keep a straight face during the two day course is beyond me. I suppose most of the takers will be elderly (or stupid), so won't realise what a waste of money this is, unless they are just doing the course to meet people and don't care about the cost.
If that is the case, just send the money to me and l will chat to you, or better still, save your dosh and get down to your local library or college instead, there will be more people and you will learn just as much (but without the great expense).
Public service statement on behalf of the old (and stupid) is now over.

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