Friday, 27 April 2012

the hoover is back!

Myself and the FPO are not exactly the tidiest people in the world, and  we have recently had a shelf collapse, resulting in dust and debris all over the spare room. At the same time, the hoover decided to pack in, which (coincidentally), was at the precise moment the FPO tried to hoover a rug, and got the tassels entwined in the hoover's mechanisms, which certainly produced a burning smell and a lack of suction.'s been away to be repaired in Richmond, and is now back, sorted out for the cheap and cheerful  sum of £27, including a new belt and a clean.
Admittedly, neither of us have switched it on yet, but l am sure that day is not too far away. I'm just waiting for the FPO to crumble (as I do the washing and washing up).
It was restored to it's former glory at the shop next to the old Woolies at the bottom of the market place, if you also have a sick gadget you need to take in.  l'd recommend it.

toodle pip

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