Sunday, 29 April 2012

hold up in bedale and seeing my brother on tv

As we were short staffed (again!), l agreed to work on Friday night and then Saturday morning. This should have worked out fine, as l was meant to be going to Stockton for the FPO's fathers birthday in the afternoon of Saturday. Of course things did not go so smoothly, as other staff phoned to cancel shifts and l had to stay longer, until re-enforcements arrived. Then l got stuck for ages in the Bedale area, as l suspect there may have been a crash (as well as roadworks), due to fire engines shooting past me with the sirens a sounding. By the time l finished work, the FPO phoned to say it was pointless coming through, as her and her sisters would be coming home soon. The good news is she bought me some goodies back (samosas, sausage rolls etc), and l saw my brother on the TV watching the Wigan v Newcastle game in a bikini (at least l think it was him). I thought he lived in Leeds.....

toodle pip

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