Wednesday, 25 April 2012

the flight of the phoenix (1965) - robert aldrich

Although l haven't seen the remake of 'The Flight Of The Phoenix', l really don't think it would be a good idea, as it might make my blood boil so much, the old (still struggling on at it's laid back pace) ticker may finally give up. The 1965 version can drag a bit, but it has some great character actors who are somewhat ordinary looking (including James Stewart). They may stray into playing stereotypes, but at least it makes the film believable, even if it is about rebuilding a new plane out of the remains of a crashed one (and in the middle of a desert at that).
There's stubbornness, cowardliness, stupidity and arrogance and death involved, and a fair bit of misunderstanding concerning the plane designer, but it is a good film, and l am glad l have seen it.
The remake however, l have only seen some movie stills from, and they are certainly enough to make me think it will be crap, featuring macho blokes with their shirts off (and a blowtorch), which did not exactly raise any confidence about the rest of the film. If l turn gay (or gayer), l'll give it a go. Until then, l don't think l am missing out on anything.
I could be wrong, but l very much doubt it.

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