Thursday, 8 March 2012

white men can't jump (1992) - ron shelton

This film brings back soooooo many unhappy memories, which for me must be pretty damn bad. The reason?  I saw it while on honeymoon, so it brings back the hideous and long lasting memory of that.
Only joking (of course).
The honeymoon was great, and  'White Men Can't Jump' is a pretty funny film, with some great performances, especially by Wesley Snipes as the wise cracking basketball hustler, who treats Woody Harrelson's character as a chump he can exploit, until they pair up to hustle money together.
It deals with the racial preconceptions each of them have, and the issues they have with their gambling, their environment, and their women.
It's just a shame that they had to show so much basketball, which would have gone down well in the USA market, but it is a game that leaves me cold (although it looks as though both of the stars can play a bit).
If only it had been about football  (and l mean football - not American football)

toodle pip

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