Thursday, 15 March 2012

the valiant comic - 22nd nov 1969

I used to love The Valiant comic when l was a kid (still do really), and Raven on the wing was my favourite strip in it (by the rather fabulous Solano Lopez Buster).
I decided to scan one today (from 22nd November 1969) to see how long it took and what the results would be, as l am (rather sadly) thinking about scanning a load of them (obviously l have a vast collection), but maybe putting them on a separate blog, just for comics.
All l need now is more time and an extra dollop of sadness (OK, just the time, l'm sad enough).

To see in huge size, click on the picture, then right click and open image in new tab. Then it can be magnified in the new tab.
Tech advice over.

toodle pip

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