Thursday, 8 March 2012

tyrannosaur (2011) - paddy considine

Not exactly a feel good movie, but Tyrannosaur is one of the best films l have seen for a long time. It's gritty, believable, and really drags you into it, so you can empathise and care about the characters.
Peter Mullan is always excellent, but l was surprised at how good Olivia Colman was, playing the victimised, religious, do gooder of a wife.
It's a story that involves violence, redemption, belief, companionship, a funeral, and lots of alcohol, which certainly gets my boat a floatin'.
Joseph (Mullan), is a violent self destructive character who meets and falls for Hannah (Colman), who works in a local charity shop. Joseph helps her leave her violent marriage, but discovers she has a secret back at her house.
Written by first time director Paddy Considine, and filmed in Leeds (probably on my brothers estate), everything about it is great, apparently based on Considine's childhood (but not autobiographical).
If you can get past the early killing of a dog, and you enjoyed 'Nil by Mouth', this film is for you.
Stick around for the end credits, as there's this. Magic.

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