Saturday, 3 March 2012

paul and linda, family and the past

It's all go at the moment, as l am back at work this afternoon, visiting Joe in hospital, and entertaining my brother Paul, who has come up from Leeds for a few days. Myself, the FPO, Paul, Linda and Shane all went out to The Wine Bar last night, which unfortunately for our wallets and my health, let us stay until about 1am.  I had been out with my brother to J.T's the night before, so l am certainly putting the hours in (as well as doing what seems like hundreds of CD's for him). No wonder l can't get rid of my bleeding cough - l'm knackered.  I need sleep, drugs, and time off work (not necessarily in that order). It's been interesting quizzing Paul and Linda about our childhood though. Paul's happiest memory is playing in a swing park (non with our parents). Linda said hers was going back and staying in Liverpool with our grandparents (non with our parents). Mine is going to the football with my uncle Ray (non with our parents). Paul also remembered a time when he wasn't sure if our dad was going to attack him with a hammer he suddenly produced when calling round the house. That was a pretty barmy situation, but it all worked out fine in the end. He just attacked the TV, washing machine, radiogram etc with the hammer, smashing everything up (he was getting divorced from our mother). He then threw the budgie cage across the room (with the budgie still in it). Happy days indeed (and that's just a small taster of the madness).   At least we all still get on, even if we probably all have different fathers (mummy was no angel).  l also managed to dig out an old photograph of Paul with his dad, just after he had been born. How cute - he hasn't changed much.

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