Saturday, 17 March 2012

out and about at hospitals

My exciting life part 42. I have been out and about a bit this week, including visiting hospitals hither and a yonder. I had to go to the Catterick one yesterday evening for an emergency out of hours doctor (for work), and earlier on in the week l was at Northalleton, visiting someone and taking someone else (work again) for an appointment. That's without the trips to James Cook at Middlesbrough.
At Catterick hospital, the only other person l saw was the doctor, as there wasn't even anyone on the gate when l drove in (excellent security), no one in the corridors, and on the way out l just ignored the security post and didn't stop, as it still looked empty.
Northalleron hospital was busy (apart from the waiting room), but l wanted to avoid photographing other people, so it looks as though a plague has struck.
Still, it's always a ride out and something different to do, so there is no way l am complaining about it, it's great to get out and about as far as l am concerned.
Bring it on.

toodle pip

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