Tuesday, 13 March 2012

off to the seaside (and sunderland)

Not exactly a busy day at work today, so l got to have a drive out to the seaside. I called in at Sunderland first to take a DVD player back that l got before Christmas from Impact Computers, and I did think they might give me some hassle for waiting so long, but they were very accommodating, and changed it without any fuss (and it is now up and running!).  Looks like they will be getting my business again in the future because of their excellent after sales service (and no, l am not affiliated with them).
After that, it was off to Seaham, which was the first time l had been to the beach there, and it was pretty bleak, deserted and quiet.  The weather was still a bit nippy, which l obviously knew in advance, although l was surprised by the lack of people wandering around. As my old grannie would have said " It was as dead as an old toads todger".*  Not that l'm complaining mind, as l'm a miserable old sod, and l would rather the beach was empty and devoid of human life (including me), so it suited me fine.
Called in at Teesside park on the way back, killed a bit of time, then it was back to work and hometime. Hurrah!!
A nice peaceful day, unlike earlier on, when bomb disposal vans, cop cars and ambulances all went screaming past me on the A19 and A66 towards Saltburn, which l later found out was because of this.
Bit of a contrast to my day, that's for sure.
* Not really - l made it up

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