Monday, 19 March 2012

l don't feel like chicken tonight

We keep getting these adverts for our local chicken takeaway shop at The White Shops in Catterick.
They are certainly persistent with their advertising policy, as this must be about the twentieth leaflet that has come flapping through our letterbox in the last couple of years, so l guess they must know l am a greedy chicken loving pig.
As l just stated, l love a good chicken meal, especially of the KFC kind, but the stuff for sale in this shop does not taste anything like the wondrous delight that the good Colonel introduced to a grateful public (me especially) back in the day.
You can also buy boxes of 'Southern fried' chicken at our local Tesco for about £3 or £4 (depending which amounts you want), which only require heating up a bit and then devouring like a madman while watching the football (at least that's the way l eat it, others may be different).
It's a shame, but unless the quality improves dramatically, l can't envisage a rosy future for this outlet.
The KFC outlets are often dirty looking and badly run, but at least the taste of those secret ingredients keep enticing me back for more of the same, whereas the chicken in this place just put me off.
I once drove to Newcastle from Catterick to get a KFC. With this place, l can't be bothered walking 10 yards from the pub doorway to get some, even when slightly worse for ale. Now that IS bad.

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