Monday, 5 March 2012

keane (2004) - lodge kerrigan

Damian Lewis is excellent as 'Keane', a man going off the rails (that's a technical term) as he searches for his young daughter who had been abducted. The film mainly just follows him and his deteriorating state, but he then develops a friendship with a young girl he was asked to babysit (not exactly good parenting). In the end, you are left unsure as to whether he had a daughter at all, or if that is a by product of his mental state, plus what is he is going to do with the girl left in his charge. I never heard of this film when it was released, but l am glad l caught it, as it's the opposite of the fast moving (or predictable) Hollywood blockbuster that is so often churned out. Plus, much as l despise Lewis's privileged background and education (another posho from Eton), l must admit, he sure can act. The bastard.

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