Thursday, 1 March 2012

the inbetweeners (2011) - ben palmer

I never got around to seeing The Inbetweeners movie at the pictures, after all, I'm a busy man, things to do, fish to fry etc.  The DVD arrived this evening, and myself and the FPO watched it while we were having our tea (because we are pretty classy people).  If you have ever seen the TV series, you know what should be in store and what to expect, and this film certainly doesn't let you down.  The boys go on holiday, act as they usually do back home, but all (somehow) manage to cop off with the ladies. Plenty of laughs all the way through, and the film just flew by. You can see why it was such a success at the old box office, as l bet the approving word of mouth afterwards would have bought plenty more punters in. Apart from the fact Will managed to pull his girl (Alison, played by Laura Haddock), it was all sooooooo believable. Funny, gross, sad, and with plenty of nudity, it even has a stripper who performs autofellatio ferchristsakes. The film has got something for everyone. That is, if you are not easily offended. Thankfully, l most definitely don't fall into that particular category.

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