Monday, 26 March 2012

how l used to be a rock god like in led zeppelin

It's pretty hard to believe now, but back in the day, this used to be me. A rip-roaring, rodgering, raconteuring, rakish rapscallion of a rogue (but without shagging under age girls).
The evidence is strong.
I have impartial printed evidence that l used to look like Robert Plant (when he was still good looking).
l always had a beautiful lady by my side, and l have hung about (albeit for a short time) with the great and good person that is B.P Fallon, the man with his eyes closed who Plant has his arm around.
I have also handled snakes (of the reptilian kind), and if this photograph was taken in the States, which l suspect it was, l have also been there and had many a rock and roll time in and around it's many hostelries.
Sadly, with my dodgy heart, back, knees, asthma, old age and egg shell head, those days are but a distant memory.
Of course, l blame God (and the FPO for wearing me down and constantly feeding me)
Time to get back to my crunches before her evil plan works and it is to late for me to reclaim my crown.

toodle pip

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