Thursday, 22 March 2012

clockwork orange imagry

Re-watching 'A Clockwork Orange' again the other night (one of my favourite films), l was reminded (as if l needed to be) how great, influential and iconic it was (and still is).
I saw it while still at school when there was a big fuss about the sex and violence in it, and how it was supposedly leading to copycat incidences.
All l can say is, it never did me no harm, and l have watched it many times over the years, at the movies, on dodgy videos and DVD's, and eventually on my own (and much treasured) legal DVD.
On the other hand, l'm sure the FPO will disagree.
The film was also withdrawn for many years, but the book is more violent. Maybe it was thought that intelligent people read, so would not perpetrate violence after reading the book, whereas the uneducated plebs who watch the film might.
It's also a good job l don't have kids, as the child in the last photo would be the way l would force my offspring to dress, male or female.
Viddy well my brothers, time for a moloko.

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