Tuesday, 13 March 2012

another wild night out - keith moon and oliver reed

Keith Moon and Oliver Reed, two people you don't want to go out drinking with if you want to protect your liver and kidneys.
Luckily for me, l don't want to protect my liver and kidneys (they can fend for themselves), and l would have loved to have had a night (or two) out with Moonie and Reedie (as l'd call them).
Whether l would have wanted to live their lives full time is another matter, as l wouldn't.  Much as l am all for the drinking, drugging, puking, raconteuring, hedonistic and  'couldn't give a toss' lifestyle, both of them in the end seemed to be playing a role they had created for themselves, trying to live up to their reputations as wild and wacky men and not being able to escape their cartoon like creations.
Sometimes, l would rather just read a book or watch the footie with a KFC and a can of coke.
Christ, l'm getting old - pass the meow meow before l'm really past it.

Damn! Too late!!.

toodle pip

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