Saturday, 17 March 2012

59 seconds - richard wiseman

I enjoyed 59 seconds (by Richard Wiseman), but all the way through it l had a nagging feeling that l had read it before (which l hadn't). This is probably because a lot of the interesting information in the book has been repeated elsewhere or reported on in newspapers or magazines. It's interesting psychologically wise, but most of the stuff l already knew about (how use body language, advertising, the art of persuasion and touch, failure of brainstorming, visualisation  etc).
Still, there were the odd bits that were new to me, such as how to praise children, so it wasn't a complete waste (not that l'll be praising any children in the near future).
A very interesting book if you haven't already read this sort of thing before, otherwise, it's just a matter of jogging the dusty old memory banks, which (let's admit it), l could certainly do with.

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