Thursday, 2 February 2012

watching you tube while l'm off work - the 1960's

This is NOT about Vietnam (it's about the Sunset Strip riots).

Rare performance without the cartoon (The Archies) that it came from

Alex Chilton was 16 when he sang on this.

Featuring the marvellous pipes of  Tony Burrows

To recover from my great disappointment with the two films below, l have been watching some 1960's stuff on You Tube, as the Edison Lighthouse track was featured in 'The Most Fertile Man In Ireland' (the best thing about the film).
Hurrah! It's great being off work! My mood has improved! All is right with the world once more!
Spring will soon be here (when life is skittles, and life is beer) and l've got crisps and dips for tea (the healthy diet). Spot on.

toodle pip

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