Thursday, 16 February 2012

the trip bbc series - 2010

This series could so easily have been a bit of a luvvie fest, as it features two friends (Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon), travelling Oop North to review some posh restaurants for The Observer newspaper. Coogan and Brydon play exaggerated versions of themselves, and are shown amusing each other, bickering, and being competitive with quotes, accomplishments and impressions. The Trip also portrays Brydon as a happy family man, and Coogan as a lonely individual, searching for love and striving to be taken seriously, but caught between two worlds. At one point he falls into a river while crossing it, and Brydon shouts he's 'Stuck in a metaphor'.
It took some persuading for the FPO to watch it, and l was not keen myself when it was first shown, but we both found it hilarious and sad. Even more sadly, it made us think meals where cheap when they were £50 per person. Where the Hell have my working class credentials disappeared to? I did think it was good at the end when they said the cheap fry up in the sunshine was as good (if not better) than most of the meals they had (like a good KFC, or sausage and mash can beat most meals).
They should definitely do another series, but stop then (like Fawlty Towers).

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