Wednesday, 29 February 2012

the sun - december 11th 1972

One of the people l work with has a son who works as an electrician. While he was pulling up some floorboards the other day, he found this old copy of The Sun newspaper from December 11th 1972. Reading it, it really was like travelling back to a time that l know l lived through, yet looks so alien (yet quaint).
The adverts at the top are for bricklayers, who can earn plenty of money if they are self employed. As much as £1.25 an hour to be precise. Even the police could earn a whopping £1,400 a year at 19 (way too much pay for them, even then).
As for the sports, Malcolm Allison, the then manager of Manchester City had been slapped down by his chairman for showing an interest in the wayward (and transfer listed)  George Best, as the club said they wanted no part in it, and stressed he had been stating his own view, not the clubs. It is also a sad reminder to me of how crap Manchester United were at the time. It certainly felt like a long time since the European Cup win in 1968.
The paper itself cost an outrageous 3p, and cigarettes are being advertised inside for 20p a packet.
The TV listings are proper old school, with the two BBC channels, plus the regional ones (with 'Alias Smith and Jones!'). Not exactly a lot on show for the youngsters, but at least they treated the viewers as adults (apart from the early shut off times).
One trivia fact, this was also the last day of the manned moon landings, as The Challenger lunar lander Apollo 17) touched down that day, leaving the moon on the 14th. Since then - bugger all. That is (of course), if you believe they even went there in the first place (which l do).
History, it's marvellous!

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