Tuesday, 14 February 2012

the stupid cat in the morning

The only trouble with being off work and then trying to have a lie in, is Jack, our stupid bleeding black and white cat.
She is about 21 years old, pretty death, blind and cronky nowadays. She also sleeps right outside of the bedroom door, and because she is used to the FPO getting up early every morning, she just meows constantly for her food to be put out at that time. It's no good shouting at her to shut up, as she can't hear us, so it's a matter of wearing earplugs or having to get up, trying to resist the temptation to boot her down the stairs for some peace and quiet (the cat, not the FPO). If there was any kind of God, she would have lost her voice, rather than her hearing. Bloody thing.

toodle pip

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